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Email :  

Phone : +81 (0)80 5357 6420

Please note, we don't accept bookings over Whatsapp or any other social media platform.

You can also book lessons by coming to our front desk at Iimori Snow Resort or through your accommodation directly.


When booking a lesson, the following information will be needed:

Names, ages(for children), ski or snowboard, ability levels, type of lessons and dates required.


You can also register your children online, this is not a booking form, this information is used for contacting parents whilst on the snow, in case there are any issues with the children while in lessons. Click on the button above to save time when you get to the resort.


​​​Check Lesson Levels and Descriptions Here:

(Click on Ski or Board)

 Ski Levels 

 Snowboard Levels 

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