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Lesson Transport Policies

Hakuba Snow Sports School offers transport for Private Lessons according to the below policies.


This transport is a free service, we do not charge extra, and is for specific private lessons only.

We are not a taxi service and do not expect our staff to be treated like chauffeurs.

The vehicles will pick you up at a set time and/drop you off after lessons according to the policies.

There will be no detours, super market runs, convenience store stops or any other dalliances.

Please Note: There is no transport provided for group lessons. Customers must find their own way, using resort shuttles, taxis or their own vehicles.

The Policies

Pick ups

We usually pick up on the half hour, 30 minutes before the lesson start time, the travel time is not included in the lesson time. We will only pick up from one location.


Drop Offs

For drop offs, we will return you after the lessons finish. We will only drop off to one location. If you want to stay and do some more riding or play around, we will not be able to do the drop off.

A Parent or Guardian must accompany children being picked up for private lessons.

If there are others in your group who would like transport to or from the resort but are not doing private lessons, we will fit them in provided there is room in the vehicle. We will not overload cars, allowing only as many people as there are seats according to Japanese law.

Early Bird Privates :

We pick up, no drop off.

2 hour Privates :

No pick up, no drop off.

Half Day Am Privates(3 hours) :

We pick up, no drop off.

Half Day Pm Privates(3 hours) :

No pick up, we drop off.

4 Hour AM Privates :

We pick up, no drop off.

4 Hour PM Privates :

No pick up, we drop off.

Full Day Privates(6 hours) :

We pick up, we drop off.

Afternoon Delights :

No pick up, no drop off.

Night Lessons 2 and 3 Hours :

We pick up, we drop off.

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