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Ski Lesson Levels & Descriptions

Please Note:

When you categorise yourself for lessons please be realistic. Don’t grade yourself on what you want to do, think about what you can do. The lesson descriptions are guides and on the lesson day your instructors will take a good look at your level and re-grade you if required. You are better to start lower and be upgraded than vice versa.

Level 1 - First Timer

It is your first time skiing, you have never ever skied before.

Description of Lesson:
Learn about the equipment and safety, moving around on your skis, how to slide and balance and stop. Use a basic wedge (snow plough, pizza, arrow) as base for control. Learn how to change direction.

Level 2 - Learn to Turn

You have skied before and can stop and change direction on beginners or very gentle slopes.

Description of Lesson:
Learning how to turn and how to effectively control your speed using turns and the slope they are on. Learn how to increase your speed without loss of control and confidence. Decrease your dependence on the wedge (snow plough, pizza, arrow) for control.


Ski Level 2

Ski Level 2

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Level 3 - Pizza to French Fries

You can turn using a wedge (snow plough, pizza, arrow) and can navigate your way on all beginners slopes with total confidence. You are ready for intermediate slopes.

Description of lesson:
Develop your turn technique with the goal to eliminate the wedge (snow plough, pizza, arrow). Bring the skis into a parallel or natural position where using the slope for speed control is the emphasis.