Ski Lesson Levels & Descriptions

Please Note:

When you categorise yourself for lessons please be realistic. Don’t grade yourself on what you want to do, think about what you can do. The lesson descriptions are guides and on the lesson day your instructors will take a good look at your level and re-grade you if required. You are better to start lower and be upgraded than vice versa.

Level 1- First Timer

It is your first time skiing, you have never ever skied before.

Description of Lesson:
Learn about the equipment and safety, moving around on your skis, how to slide and balance and stop. Use a basic wedge (snow plough, pizza, arrow) as base for control. Learn how to change direction.

Level 2- Learn to Turn

You have skied before and can stop and change direction on beginners or very gentle slopes.

Description of Lesson:
Learning how to turn and how to effectively control your speed using turns and the slope they are on. Learn how to increase your speed without loss of control and confidence. Decrease your dependence on the wedge (snow plough, pizza, arrow) for control.


Level 3 - Pizza to French Fries

You can turn using a wedge (snow plough, pizza, arrow) and can navigate your way on all beginners slopes with total confidence. You are ready for intermediate slopes.

Description of lesson:
Develop your turn technique with the goal to eliminate the wedge (snow plough, pizza, arrow). Bring the skis into a parallel or natural position where using the slope for speed control is the emphasis.


Level 4 - Improve the Parallels

You are skiing on intermediate slopes, you ski with your skis almost parallel using turns and the mountain to control your speed. Steeper slopes still faze you; you find it hard to stay in control on the more difficult runs.

Description of lesson:
Look to refine the parallel turn and progress to steeper terrain. Improve your steering skills so you can make shorter or smaller radius turns which will enable you to tackle more varied terrain.


Level 5 - Tactics and Short Turns

You can ski on all intermediate slopes and ski them with style and confidence. Speed control on groomed runs is not an issue. You want to tackle the steepest groomed runs and venture off piste(off the groomed runs). 

Description of lesson:
Develop your short turn, learn to go fast with confidence, look at the tactics involved with skiing off piste and on the black (most difficult) slopes.


Level 6 - Master the Mountain

You are an expert skier; you can ski on  any slope with confidence. You want to master situational skiing, how to ski powder, moguls (bumps), very steep slopes. Speed is your friend.

Description of Lesson:
Develop your fine balancing skills so you can smash any slope on the mountain. A large emphasis on tactical skiing, using the terrain and mountain to your advantage, discussing the different challenges associated with differing terrain. You will be offered a position as an instructor on our team if you want a change in occupation.