Snowboard Lesson Levels & Descriptions

Please Note:

When you categorise yourself for lessons please be realistic. Don’t grade yourself on what you want to do, think about what you can do. The lesson descriptions are guides and on the lesson day your instructors will take a good look at your level and re-grade you if required. You are better to start lower and be upgraded than vice versa.

Level 1:

It is your first time snowboarding, you have never ever snowboarded before.

Description of Lesson:
Learn about equipment and safety, moving around on the board, how to slide, balance and stop. Learn to control your speed by side slipping and how to traverse. Get an introduction to turning if ready.

Level 2:

You have snowboarded before and are able to side slip (sliding down the hill with the board oriented across the slope) and are able to go left and right a little. You can do these skills on one edge only (usually your heel side edge). You cannot balance on both edges or turn yet.

Description of Lesson:
Learn how to balance and slide on both edges so you are able to move towards turning. Feeling more stable on the toe side edge is usually a focus in this lesson.

Level 3:

You can side slip and traverse on both edges (heels and toes). You are still unable to complete turns in both directions. You may be struggling to start the turns, or you pick up too much speed when doing them.

Description of lesson:
Learn to turn in both directions, then link them together so you can progress away from the beginner slope.

Level 4:

You can link turns in both directions and control your speed on easy slopes. You are ready to go faster and tackle more fun and challenging terrain around the mountain.

Description of lesson:
Learn how to ride steeper slopes and go faster on the gentler ones. Increase your confidence to get around the mountain on your own or with other people.

Level 5:

You can snowboard on all intermediate slopes with confidence and speed control on these runs is not an issue. You want to tackle the steepest groomed runs and want to venture off-piste. You might feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your riding, and want to learn something new.

Description of lesson:
Figure out how to ride the powder more comfortably. Ride even faster with confidence. Improve your small turns and look at the tactics involved with snowboarding off-piste and on the black slopes. Start learning some freestyle and basic tricks.

Level 6:

You are a very competent snowboarder; you can board on almost any slope with confidence. You want to master riding powder, moguls, and very steep slopes. Speed is your friend. You feel like you want to be challenged by the instructor.

Description of Lesson:
Develop your skills so you can board anywhere on the mountain. A large emphasis on tactical riding, using the terrain and mountain to your advantage, discussing the different challenges associated with differing terrain. You will soon be snowboarding and thinking like an expert.