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Foggy Mountains

Hakuba Snow Sports School

  • We are closed for the 23/24 Season. Thank you all for the patronage.

  • Private lessons will start as soon as the Hakuba Resorts open for the 2024/25 Season, group lessons will start again from December 14th 2024.

  • We will be accepting bookings via email or our booking form from September 1st 2024.

  • All prices on our website are current for the 24/25 season.



  • Do lessons run in adverse weather conditions?

    • Lessons proceed in all weather conditions unless the unlikely event that lifts are suspended due to high winds. Avalanche warnings do not affect in-bound skiing areas.

  • Can families ski together in lessons?

    • Children and adults learn at different speeds, and in different ways. We do always recommend children and adults take separate lessons if possible if you want everyone to learn the most.

  • Can skiers and snowboarders attend lessons together?

    • Unfortunately, skiing and snowboarding are different sports so cannot attend lessons together and would require separate lessons.

  • Can different ability levels attend the same lesson?

    • They can, however not if you want everyone to get the most out of the lesson. Group lessons are divided by skill level to ensure the best learning experience. Private lessons can accommodate mixed ability levels, with instruction tailored to the least experienced participant.

  • What languages do your instructors speak?

    • We have instructors from around the world so we can offer private lessons in multiple languages upon request and availability. All group lessons are conducted in English.

  • Can 3 or 4 year olds participate in lessons?


Group Lessons

  • What are the group sizes for group lessons?

  • Are group lessons divided into different levels?

    • Yes, group lessons are divided into 5 levels for both skiers and snowboarders.

  • What are the age ranges for kids group lessons?

    • Kids ski group lessons are for ages 5-12, while snowboard lessons are for ages 7-12. Children aged 13 and above join adult group lessons.

    • For those younger than group lesson ages we can offer private lessons, find more information here

  • What are the prices of group lessons?

    • Group lessons are priced per person and are the same price for kids and adults. These prices are ¥8000 for half day lessons and ¥14000 for full day lessons.

  • When are the group lesson start times?

    • Morning group lessons start at 10:30am until 12:30pm which requires a check in time of 9:45am. Afternoon lesson start at 13:30pm and finish at 15:30pm. A full day lesson covers both these times with 12:30pm-13:30pm as a lunch break.

  • Is lunch provided for full day lessons?

    • Lunch is provided and supervised for kids full day lessons, unfortunately lunch isn’t provided for the adult group lessons.

  • Where do the group lessons take place?

    • All group lessons start and finish at Iimori resort

Private Lessons

  • What are the benefits of a private lesson?

    • Private lessons offer personalized attention, customized instruction, and flexible lesson structures.

  • Can I request a specific instructor?

    • Yes, specific instructor requests are accommodated for private lessons, subject to availability.

  • What are the prices of private lessons?

    • Prices for private lessons differ depending on the duration of products that we offer. Find all of our products and prices here.

  • Do you offer Night Lessons?

    • We offer private night lessons starting from Escal Plaza, Goryu Resort. The night lessons are only available whilst the Goryu night riding is open(usually from mid to late December until mid March). Check our NIGHT LESSONS page for more details.


  • How do I pay for lessons? Can I pay in advance?

    • Payment is accepted at our main office upon arrival, either by cash or credit card. All credit and debit card transactions are subject to a 3.1% surcharge. For lessons starting elsewhere than Iimori, cash payment to the instructor or card payments via a call to the office are available.

  • Do you require deposits for lesson bookings?

    • No, we do not require deposits. Payment is made upon arrival, and we trust in our clients' integrity to honor their bookings or provide sufficient notice for any changes.

  • Can I pay by credit card?

    • Yes, credit card payments are accepted. However, a 3.1% surcharge applies to all card transactions.

  • Is there an ATM at Iimori resort?

    • No, there is no ATM facility available at the resort.

  • How can I book lessons?

    • You can book lessons through our website's booking form, via email, phone, or by visiting our office in person. Visit our bookings page to book your lessons here.

  • What is included in the lesson price?

    • The lesson fee covers instruction by our professional English-speaking instructors.

  • What is not included in the lesson price?

    • Costs such as lift tickets and rental equipment are not included in the lesson fee and must be arranged separately before the lesson starts.

  • Do I need to book in advance?

    • Advance booking is highly recommended to secure preferred lesson times and arrangements.

  • Is there a cancellation policy?

    • Since we do not require deposits, there is no formal cancellation policy. However, we appreciate timely communication regarding any changes in plans.


Getting Here

  • How do I get to Iimori resort?

    • Iimori resort provides free shuttle buses to and from the resort. For those driving, directions to Iimori resort can be found here.

    • We offer a pick up and drop off service for specific private lesson products, find more information here.


Lift Passes

  • Is a lift pass required for lessons?

    • Yes, all participants in our lessons must possess a valid lift pass.

  • Where can I obtain a lift pass?

    • Lift passes can be purchased on-site at the resort using cash or card, or they can be pre-booked online and picked up at the resort. For details on lift ticket options and prices, please visit this link.

  • Are lift passes included in the lesson fee?

    • No, lift passes are not included. Participants are responsible for acquiring their own passes.



  • Do I need to bring my own equipment for the lesson?

    • Yes, all participants are required to organize their own rental equipment prior to the lesson start time. If renting from Iimori resort, please allow at least 1 hour before the lesson to collect your gear.

  • Do you provide equipment rentals?

    • No, we do not offer rental services. However, there are rental shops available at Iimori resort, or you can explore options at Rhythm or Central Snowsports. Links provided below:

  • Are helmets mandatory?

    • While not compulsory, we highly recommend wearing helmets for safety reasons.

  • What other items are recommended for lessons?

    • We recommend goggles or eye protection, helmets, and waterproof gloves for optimal comfort and safety during lessons.

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